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Final URL: http://danielgyllendahl.nu/

Time to fetch: 0.25 seconds

Google Analytics: UA-90444506 (2 of these)

Words on home page: 616

Title: Daniel Gyllendahl, mäklare, bloggar om mäklarlivet

Meta description: Daniel Gyllendahl blogg- och profilsida om sig själv och mäklarlivet i Stockholm. EPOST [email protected] TEL. 0760-025 025

H1: Daniel Gyllendahl

Dofollow links on the home page:
External: 7
Internal: 34

Updated: 21 Jun 2017

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Database from Malwarebytes.org: Clean

9 different lists from Spamhaus: Clean

6 different lists from Surbl.org: Clean

5 different lists from JunkemailFilter.com: Clean

2 different lists from Spam Eating Monkey: Clean

List from Malwaredomains.com: Clean

Database from PhishTank.com: Clean

Database of scammers from spam404.com: Clean

Database from urlblacklist.com: Clean

Data from Ahrefs

Ahrefs Domain Rank: 37

This domain have very few known backlinks.

Updated: 11 Apr 2017

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IP: (20978 of these)
ISP: City Network Hosting AB

This IP is listed by 0 out of 22 blacklist providers.

Updated: 21 Jun 2017
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Title and URLFirst H1BacklinksNumber of WordsExternal LinksInternal Links
Daniel Gyllendahl, mäklare, bloggar om mäklarlivet
Daniel Gyllendahl1616 734

http://www.danielgyllendahl.nu/ (HTTP 301)
Redirect to: http://danielgyllendahl.nu/
Daniel Gyllendahl gör ett nytt sälj | Daniel Gyllendahl | Daniel Gyllendahl
Daniel Gyllendahl gör ett nytt sälj0428 240
Kort om Daniel Gyllendahl | Daniel Gyllendahl | Daniel Gyllendahl
Kort om Daniel Gyllendahl0376 240
Varför valde jag BOSTHLM? | Daniel Gyllendahl | Daniel Gyllendahl
Varför valde jag BOSTHLM?0408 240
Daniel gyllendahl tipsar om hur man lyckas som mäklare!
Daniel Gyllendahl, mäklare0922 329
Daniel gyllendahl mäklare, försäljning på BOSTHLM
Daniel Gyllendahl, mäklare01233 230

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