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Information from DomainStats.io, score: 2

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11 Aug 2016
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Info from crawl

Google Analytics: UA-48027201

Words on home page: 23

Language: id

Title: Obat Sipilis Ampuh Herbal Tradisional Pada Pria dan Wanita

Meta description: Obat sipilis ampuh pada pria dan untuk wanita. Metode pengobatan herbal tradisional dan modern di apotik kimia farma atau dengan resep Dokter


Dofollow links on the home page:
External: 2
Internal: 0

Updated: 25 Oct 2017

Spam and Blacklists

DomainStats.io Spam Flags: 0

Google Safe Browsing database: Clean

WOT: No data

McAfee Threat Intelligence: Unverified

Database from Malwarebytes.org: Clean

9 different lists from Spamhaus: Clean

6 different lists from Surbl.org: Clean

5 different lists from JunkemailFilter.com: Clean

2 different lists from Spam Eating Monkey: Clean

List from Malwaredomains.com: Clean

Database from PhishTank.com: Clean

Database of scammers from spam404.com: Clean

URLs removed from Google (DMCA): 0

Database from urlblacklist.com: Clean

Data from Ahrefs

Ahrefs Domain Rank: 51

Domains linking in: 455 (-111)

Pages with highest Ahrefs URL Rating:

Updated: 26 Dec 2016

Registration details

Registration date: 2014-02-06
Registrar: CV. Jogjacamp

Updated: 26 Jan 2017

Data from Majestic

Citation Flow: 37 (-3)

Trust Flow: 21 (+11)

Category: Sports/Football

Not in Majestic Top Million.

Updated: 6 Sep 2017

Data from Moz

Domain Authority: 31

Page Authority: 42

Updated: 22 Sep 2017

IP info

IP: Mountain View (7563 domains on this IP)
ISP: Google Inc.

This IP is listed by 0 out of 23 blacklist providers.

Historic IP numbers:

8 Nov 2017:

4 Sep 2017:

4 Aug 2017:

27 Jun 2017:

27 May 2017:


Updated: 9 Dec 2017

Sociala Media


Updated: 11 Aug 2016

Internet Archive

Saved 29 times
First snapshot: 15 Mar 2014
Last snapshot: 29 Jul 2016

Updated: 11 Aug 2016

Data from Alexa

Global Rank: 0

Updated: 14 Dec 2017


Speed: 99
(Speed desktop: 99)

User Experience: 99

Full info on this link.

Updated: 11 Aug 2016
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Few things missing ...

Most common dofollow anchors

Anchor# Domains
obat gonore2
Obat sipilis ampuh1
Obat Sipilis Ampuh1
obat kelamin bernanah1

Most common countries and TLDs

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Domain TLD# Domains


Title and URLFirst H1BacklinksNumber of WordsExternal LinksInternal Links
Obat Sipilis Ampuh Herbal Tradisional Pada Pria dan Wanita
2723 20
Obat Sipilis Ampuh Herbal Tradisional Pada Pria dan Wanita: Nama Obat Gonore di Apotik Yang Ampuh dan Paten
238 20
Obat Sipilis Ampuh Herbal Tradisional Pada Pria dan Wanita: Obat kelamin pria bernanah
133 20

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