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Information from DomainStats.io, score: 3

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16 Aug 2016
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Info from crawl

Time to fetch: 1.53 seconds

Adsense publisher ID:

Words on home page: 171

Title: Home | Webminer Proxy

Meta description: Welcome to Webminer Proxy! This proxy listing website has the newest proxy for users, which need to unblock the firewall in different situations. Those proxies are compatible with majority of the mainstream website, including Youtube, Facebook, Twitter

Meta keywords: web, miner, proxy, youtube, facebook, internet, social, network, public, open, fresh, online, ssl, site, free, web, fast, server, myspace, new, facebook, website, web, socks, youtube, elite, anonymous, orkut, email, server, ip, internet, free, http, bypass, unblock, unlock, safe, fast, quick, h

H1: Proxy Listings

Dofollow links on the home page:
External: 0
Internal: 84

Updated: 21 May 2017

Spam and Blacklists

DomainStats.io Spam Flags: 1

  • • More than 250 linking domains but no alexa global rank and no activity in social media.

Google Safe Browsing database: Clean

WOT: No data

McAfee SiteAdvisor Rating: Not enough data

McAfee SiteAdvisor Category: Anonymizers

Database from Malwarebytes.org: Clean

9 different lists from Spamhaus: Clean

6 different lists from Surbl.org: Clean

5 different lists from JunkemailFilter.com: Clean

2 different lists from Spam Eating Monkey: Clean

List from Malwaredomains.com: Clean

Database from PhishTank.com: Clean

Database of scammers from spam404.com: Clean

URLs removed from Google (DMCA): 0

Database from urlblacklist.com: Clean

Data from Ahrefs

Ahrefs Domain Rank: 44

Domains linking in: 557 (+294)

Pages with highest Ahrefs URL Rating:

Updated: 18 May 2017

Data from Majestic

Citation Flow: 36 (+5)

Trust Flow: 30 (+4)

Category: Computers/Software/Internet

Not in Majestic Top Million.

Updated: 21 Apr 2017

IP info

IP: (1 of these)
ISP: Hostinger International Limited

This IP is listed by 0 out of 22 blacklist providers.

Updated: 23 Apr 2017

Sociala Media



Updated: 16 Aug 2016

Internet Archive

Saved 18 times
First snapshot: 16 Dec 2014
Last snapshot: 15 Jul 2016

Updated: 16 Aug 2016


Speed: 66
(Speed desktop: 79)

User Experience: 96

Full info on this link.

Updated: 16 Aug 2016
Few things missing ...


Few things missing ...

Most common dofollow anchors

Anchor# Domains
Webminer Proxy List24

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Examples of other .net domains


Ahrefs URL Rating: 34

Majestic Trust Flow: 38

Referring Domains: 171


Ahrefs URL Rating: 39

Majestic Trust Flow: 35

Referring Domains: 311


Ahrefs URL Rating: 31

Majestic Trust Flow: 20

Referring Domains: 172


Ahrefs URL Rating: 48

Majestic Trust Flow: 13

Referring Domains: 500


Ahrefs URL Rating: 29

Majestic Trust Flow: 7

Referring Domains: 122


Ahrefs URL Rating: 39

Majestic Trust Flow: 21

Referring Domains: 219


Ahrefs URL Rating: 48

Majestic Trust Flow: 57

Referring Domains: 1440


Ahrefs URL Rating: 36

Majestic Trust Flow: 18

Referring Domains: 1103


Ahrefs URL Rating: 44

Majestic Trust Flow: 37

Referring Domains: 4929


Ahrefs URL Rating: 44

Majestic Trust Flow: 28

Referring Domains: 2083


Ahrefs URL Rating: 49

Majestic Trust Flow: 49

Referring Domains: 1432


Ahrefs URL Rating: 46

Majestic Trust Flow: 48

Referring Domains: 1461


Ahrefs URL Rating: 78

Majestic Trust Flow: 22

Referring Domains: 1720


Ahrefs URL Rating: 55

Majestic Trust Flow: 24

Referring Domains: 3609


Ahrefs URL Rating: 80

Majestic Trust Flow: 66

Referring Domains: 7399


Ahrefs URL Rating: 53

Majestic Trust Flow: 26

Referring Domains: 3934


Ahrefs URL Rating: 32

Majestic Trust Flow: 39

Referring Domains: 140


Ahrefs URL Rating: 31

Majestic Trust Flow: 25

Referring Domains: 618


Ahrefs URL Rating: 47

Majestic Trust Flow: 42

Referring Domains: 509